Define Yourself

I am She. I am Melanin. I am Engineer.


Let me not bore you with the undisputed fact that I am a she. With being a she comes what I should be, could be, or would be. But I would prompt all that cannot seem to understand me. That I am she that can accomplish not only some but all goals I aim to achieve. Not one goal cannot be attained by she. She can and will accomplish, conquer and gallantly soar past every denial you may have preconceived. I know this is so because I am she that has unweathering determination. 


You may not recognize with all the colorism surrounding our minds, clouding our judgment. Melanin exist in all of us, the higher the melanin the deeper the skin may appear. I am melanin, I have melanin, like all beings do. But I am a Black person in my heritage, in my heart and in my soul. The more or less melanin does not obscure my cultural association. I walk in this day and time as a person, not to be confused with your labels or your titles. I walk in this day as a person with a biological pigmentation, that does not, will not define my quality of life. I know this is so because I am melanin, which cannot falter me, how much or less of it I have.


The analytical, problem-solving guru, yet does not stay ingrained in a textbook. Engineer she is, but she cannot be just that. What a dream to be an engineer, but she’s dreams are wilder, prodigious if you may. Not normal to want to be all that in one lifetime, but she knows she has this one shot at a life. She is going to use that scientific method she used so often to rid the hesitation to what truly makes she glow. I know this is so because an Engineer can fix all that obstructs the intended outcome. 


I cannot be defined by this world. This world is a façade. I will define myself. I am She. I am Melanin. I am Engineer.