About theprettyprofessional

The pretty professional is a woman that lives in many women. A woman that cannot be marginalized or defined by her career. She has many more surfaces to her.

I wanted to start this brand to empower women in Science, Tech, Engineering, and Mathematics, (STEM), careers. Along with professing our careers in sometimes male-dominated work forces, we have to feel comfortable in our femininity and establish a support system that inspires us to be the greatest woman and professional we can be. The Pretty Professional is that support system. Do not be afraid to be you as you soar in your career path. 

Be it a woman that loves makeup and chemistry or a woman that enjoys sports and high heels, the Pretty Professional is here to help you redefine who you are and be unapologetic about it. 


-Alishia Ballard

Founder, Fellow Pretty Professional

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