The pretty professional is a woman that lives in many women. A woman that cannot be marginalized or defined by her career. She has many more surfaces to her. I am a woman that has a Civil Engineering degree, loves sitting in front of the mirror doing my makeup for hours, likes basketball - like super fan status, and loves to do research about political and sociological issues. Basically I love to have conversations about any and everything. I want to be a multi-faceted, renaissance man -- oops I mean WOMAN! Did I mention I am a feminist?! I truly believe in the power of women.

Women also cannot be defined by their sexuality. I embrace my body, and I do not let the stereotype of being a professional stop me from wearing low cut tops and tight dresses. My curves are my best asset physically, and hiding them or being ashamed of them is an antiquated way of thinking. I hope I can write posts that inspire and motivate all women that need a voice in professing "I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY going to be me!"